Birthday Poem

Etheridge Knight

The sun rose today, and
The sun went down
Over the trees beyond the river;
No crashing thunder
Nor jaggea gfour years across
Nor jagged lightning
Flashed my forty-four years across
The heavens. I am here.
I am alone. With the Indianapolis / News

Sitting, under this indiana sky
I lean against a gravestone and feel
The warm wine on my tongue.
My eyes move along the corridors
Of the stars, searching
For a sign, for a certainty

As definite as the cold concrete
Pressing against my back.
Still the stars mock
Me and the moon is my judge.

But only the moon.

Cause I ain't screwed no thumbs
Nor dropped no bombs
Tho my name is naughty to the ears of some
And I ain't revealed the secrets of my brothers
Tho my balls've/ been pinched
And my back's / been/ scarred-

And I ain't never stopped loving no / one
OI never stopped loving no / one

Indianapolis, Indiana
April 19, 1975

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