I Am Fond Of You

by Fakhira Batool

He often said,
“You are not fond of me.
I responded,
“It is just a dawn my Love!
Confession is yet to be expressed,
Whatever I wish to say,
I shall not speak it yet,
I conceal from myself a lot,
I defer the emotions,
If they appear on the tongue.”

“Listen, My Love!
Stop for a while for it is my turn,
I am fond of you that is why
I become annoyed on every trifle,
And all of sudden become shattered,
Like a piece of mirror;
And if you delay in coming back,
Thousands of suppositions
Torment my fond heart,
This or that may not happen.
Peek into my eyes, My Love!
How much love for you I have in my store,
For I am fond of you.”

Fakhira Batool

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Fakhira Bataool is one of the prominent contemporary poets in the sub-continent. She was born in a family where she had an opportunity to nourish herself in a literary environment. She got inspiration from her maternal grandfather Syed Ameer Ahmed Shah Bukhari who was a well-known Punjabi and Pothohari poet. Her husband Syed Tanveer Abbas Naqvi (Late) was a journalist, columnist, and story-writer; he also wrote some plays for Pakistan Television. Her younger sister, Kiran Rubab Naqvi is a promising poetess whose two books have been published. Fakhira Batool did Master in Urdu Lit. from University of the Punjab, Lahore. She has partaken many poetry reading sessions abroad and she has been bestowed with generous appreciation for her poetic talents. She is versatile and adept in sketching novel images; her poetry is replete with unexplored similes and metaphors. As she wants to see the world free of violence, she has used her talents in indicating injustice, and discrimination against womanhood even existing at universal level, caring least for caste and creed. Up till now she has authored several books which are: 1. Palken Bheegi Bheegi Si 2. Chand Ne Badal Orh Lya 3. Kaho Woh Chand Kesa Tha? 4. Ab Bhary Shahr Mein Mujhay Dhoondo 5. Samandar Poochta Ho Ga 6. Door Mat Nikal Jana 7. Bhula Dia Na...? 8. Ghulab Khushboo Bana Gaya Hai 9. Mohabbat Ki Nahein Tum Ne 10. Mohabbat Khas Tohfa Hai 11. Dasht e Tanhai Mein and 12. Shar Aadatein (Tanz o Mizah). Her poetic journey is still going on, she is in high spirits and determined to achieve more glories, pray to God Almighty for success, and realization of her dreams.

Last updated July 27, 2011