Down To Eldorado

Fenton Johnson

Down to Eldorado, Love,
Eldorado, land of song,
Where the canopy of red
In the dying day is hung;
Where the chill of summer sea
Brings a joy to you and me, —
Down at fairy Eldorado.

Down to Eldorado, Love,
On a palfrey, white as snow;
Up a chiseled mountain steep,
On a palfrey we shall go;
And our lips the dew shall drink
On the silver river's brink, —
Down at rosy Eldorado.

Down to Eldorado, Love,
Where the crimson songsters sing;
From the green, green bough at noon,
Notes of crimson songsters ring,
And the land is full of joy,
Like a happy, year-old boy, —
Down at golden Eldorado.

Down to Eldorado, Love,
Over steeple, over spire;
In the darkness of the night,
Hangs the moon and all its fire;
And two hearts are wildly glad,
And two hearts are wildly mad, —
Down at moonlit Eldorado.

Last updated September 21, 2022