Jubal’s Free

Fenton Johnson

Sound the trumpet, honey,
Jubal's free,
Sound the ram horn, honey,
Jubal's free;
Devil goes a-quaking,
Mighty Hell is shaking,
All the stars are tumbling,
Heaven's thunder rumbling,
Jubal's free.
Dance the Gospel, honey,
Jubal's free,
Set your feet a-swinging
Jubal's free;
Night has changed to morning,
In her breast the warning
Of the God of sorrow,
"They must go to-morrow",
Jubal's free.
Ring the church bells, honey,
Jubal's free;
Set the chimes a-pealing,
Jubal's free;
God above is shouting,
Devil goes a-pouting,
Earth and sky is meeting,
Freedom is their greeting,
Jubal's free.
Shake the hand, my brother.
Jubal's free,
Sing your loudest, brother,
Jubal's free;
Toss your head to Heaven,
Living's like the leaven,
Earth is rich with sunlight,
Night is rich with moonlight,
Jubal's free.

Last updated September 21, 2022