A Mother Forever

She is the woman
who housed me in some pouch
a home of human flesh
Not the weight
nor my struggle
just my safety
got her bothered day and night

She is the woman
who minded my arrival
anxiously anticipating
yet patiently waiting
Who gave me a gentle ride
through a dignified tunnel
while groaning in pain

A true woman indeed
like the other out there
who fed me first
and feeds mankind continually
Strong enough
she took my kitchen on her chest
aboard a blood fuelled vehicle
and served me on dignified seats
in that emotion filled dinner of hers

She is the woman
my first buddy and companion for life
who saw the hope in me
and groked my every circumstance
You who saw me walking
while I yet crawled
Who saw the crown on my infant head
that made me a leader of the morrow
while I lay still in warm nursing arms

She is a woman
the ilk of another
in whom beauty is at home
Always a daughter
then a wife
a mother of one, two, three.....
and guardian of almost all
Sure she is
the first refuge of a child
earliest strenght of a sprog
and bottomline of human existence

She is the woman
like any other
who wields little but mighty strenght
Not in muscles
nor in bones
but secretly laid in emotions
which conquer many a man

She is woman
a dynamic creation

Specially dedicated to Mrs. Ngukuran Tseror and Every other woman who cares about a child.

My Soul Tatoo

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Born on May 13, 1993 to an average Nigerian family. Though pursuing a Bachelors degree in Accountancy, my seemingly unquenchable desire for poetry is what keeps persuading me to appreciate the every of life. My poems include; Deja Vue, Each Chance, Lost, Nigerian Child, Chick of Utmost Destitute and A Mother for Life. The best of those poems came when I faced one or two challenges of my life.

Last updated July 14, 2015