Brief Conversation with the Caribean Sea

by Frank Báez

Frank Baez

Let me start by saying that the other day I met
the Mediterranean Sea and it was a bit
like meeting a forgotten actor.
I walked along the boardwalk hearing
its waves that sounded like
the cough of an asthmatic Joe Pesci.
Although more than a forgotten actor
the sea reminded me of the mummies that
they exhibit in the Cairo Museum.
Nothing to do with you, Caribbean Sea,
this afternoon you have so much vigor that
it looks like you're coming from the gym.
I do not know if I prefer you when
you lie down calm as
a lion in the middle of the meadow.
Or when you get angry and roar
and you try to sodomize the coast
in the manner of Marlon Brando
in The Last Tango in Paris.
The pelicans and the seagulls
they run off your fingers when
you try to catch them, it's as if
you want to get out of your seabed,
but your chains hold you
so hard that all you can do is
shout and rant.
Tell the me truth, aren't you bothered by
the cruise ships filled with the elderly
and all that crap we throw at you?
We have poisoned you, contaminated you.
Last year your coasts had
so much seaweed it seemed that
on our beaches a tourist
gave you syphilis.
I told myself this looks ugly.
And I wondered if this was not the end.
But instead of sending a tsunami
and taking your revenge on our cities   
and erasing Miami from the map,         
you went back to grazing your flock of waves
in peace and harmony
throughout the coast.
What else can I tell you? You are the sea
Of my childhood, I've spent my
life deciphering your words.
We both have aged, but
despite the passage of time
I keep coming to this reef
to talk to you with the
same innocence as when
I was a kid and walking around
your beaches I picked up a conch
and I put it against my ear and you
you spoke to me for the first time.

Anoche soñé que era un DJ.

Last updated December 24, 2022