Alas, Who Now Disturbs my Lengthy Peace?

Gaspara Stampa

Alas, who now disturbs my lengthy peace?
Who rouses me from sleep, mars my deep quiet?
Who seeks to feed my heart on this new diet
Of longing, and bring on my own decease?
You, Amor, with your torch, and with your bow,
All human happiness, strike down, dissever,
You wake me but to drink of Lethe’s river,
That harms me more, the sweeter it doth flow.
Ah, when will it ever dawn, that day, again,
When I may say I am myself, once more,
Freed from the heavy yoke that brings but pain?
When might the image stamped there, by Amor,
Deep in my bones and marrow, quit my brain,
Quench my woe, and leave me as heretofore?

Last updated February 24, 2023