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Gaspara Stampa, born in 1523 in Padua, died April 23, 1554 in Venice, was an Italian poet. She is considered by some critics to be one of the greatest poetesses of Italian Renaissance. She embodies the abandoned lover, who confides in us through her poetic work of her past loves and her grief. The first edition of Gaspara Stampa's poetry, Rime di Madonna Gaspara Stampa, was published posthumously in October 1554 by Venetian printer Plinio Pietrasanta. The collection was edited by her sister Cassandra. It was dedicated to Giovanni Della Casa. Stampa's collection of poems has a diary form: Gaspara expresses happiness and emotional distress, and her 311 poems are one of the most important collections of female poetry of the 16th century. The German poet, Rainer Maria Rilke, refers to Gaspara Stampa in the first of his Duino Elegies; which is often considered his greatest work.
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