Stars in your eyes

Look up into that vast inky night,
That violet dark, pin-pricked with light,
Each celestial, a mote in God's eye
cosmic sanctuaries where far future lies,

And, while inviting firmament looks down
On beaten, blistered, ill-used ground,
Man's yearning gaze drifts aloft
Ignoring that which offends perception:
A rude and raucous globe; grim self-deception.

So as year rolls into year
and pleasant vistas disappear
the stars will sing a sad refrain,
And heaven's constant stare will remain.

And as bright towers, to dust crumble
The stars will testify, aloft and humble,
To a broken badland of lost potential
To bitter acts most consequential
To the waste of things, all things essential.

And as year rolls into year
and the radiant twilight draws near,
Heaven's constant stare will remain
Above a spent reminder of a struggle in vain.

I am a student in the Texas State University English program. This submission is my first foray into poetry, and I welcome any and all criticism.

Last updated June 20, 2011