Solitary Minds

by Brenda Gonzalez

Let’s get solitaire salute
On high roof still blowing smoke out
On Friday night stone out a trick
Laid that same trick out
But this isn’t any sex game
I rolled pout on quick route
Made a left on glass cause had her cast
Puff pass the around
Bust it opens gets to smoking
Ha-ha mouth isn’t joking
One too many times I get to
Reading a rhyme
Felt the need to sing along with klymaxx
On his stadium pole but I isn’t no stripper though
I isn’t a psychic but you read minds

I feel on that like a hour class
Kind like a heart of heart
Pop his you know what
On my system stereo
He left his girl he my baby daddy
Yup my baby daddy be all he want to
Be but he wants to get his feel on like me
I never freak him I never squeal him
I even added it
To my verse for his sweetness
Just drink that caffeine slow everyday
Make a baby like drinking
Real real real smoking hot I got to get him on my spots

Twenty minutes later park my ranger
Party in a rave they became
a dancer or dance partners
But this is my game over silly goose
Dirt bikes make pop a wily
Don't give a wet wily
Beat it like chis

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I like writing poetry in all different ways from haiku's to inspirational poems. I also enjoy writing poems about life and nature. I love writing lyric poems and verses. I know how to write lyric poems without writing them down beforehand.

Last updated June 20, 2015