Holding Her Hand

My mouth
longs for
her kisses while
I wait for her observing
the burnt hilltops of a South
that smells of Africa

I would love to walk
with her for
a longer while
through a sweet
golden path
under moon rays
and night waterfalls
of vivacious happy petals.

Her whispered words
transport me in oceans
of tenderness in which I fly
holding her hand.


La mia bocca
è assetata dei
suoi baci, mentre
l’aspetto osservando
gli arsi colli di un Sud
profumato d’Africa.

Vorrei camminare
insieme a lei per
un lungo tempo ancora,
attraverso un tragitto
dolcemente dorato,
sotto raggi di luna
e notturne cascate
di vivaci petali felici.

Le sue parole sussurrate
mi trasportano in oceani
di tenerezza sui quali volo,
tenendola per mano.

(English translation by: prof. A.Di Pietro)

Gero Miceli

Gero Miceli's picture

Gero Miceli was born in Agrigento in 1985 and resides in the small town of Grotte., He's Academician of "Il Convivio", member for Italy of the World Poets Society, Provincial Delegate of Agrigento for ANAPS (National Association of Artists Writers Poets) judge for literary prizes, volunteer of the Italian Corps Rescue of the Order of Malta., His poems have been published in various literary magazines and in several Italian and foreign anthologies. He is one of the authors who writes in Sicilian, chosen for the project LIReS (Language of Identity Research and Development) 2007/2008, sponsored by the Ministry of Education, the University and Research Office of Education-Region of Sicily ., He has published Kori (Medinova, 2006) and donated the proceeds to a UNICEF project., The book (III Award "Ignazio Buttitta" Favara (AG) and the Merit "XXXIII International Award of Marineo City") has received favorable opinions from the public and critics., Two of his poems have become songs: in 2007, "Vampiru" (Vampire) was made a song by singer-songwriter Marco Bartolo and in 2010 the religious poem "Sittanta voti setti” (Seventy times seven) was recorded by singer Sal Marchese, who has recorded a CD limited-edition of which the first copy was donated to the Holy Father Benedict XVI., Gero Miceli is currently the program host "A poet at the week" for the Italian radio program in Belgium called "Musica e parole" on Radio Si., Important authors and critics have appreciated the poetry of Miceli, including: Alessandro Quasimodo, Alda Merini, Davide Rondoni, Ignazio D. Buttitta, Giorgio Barberi Squarotti and Marco Scalabrino.

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