Koi Umiid


I am left with no hope at all,
No possibility to reach my goal,
The Day of my death is fixed,
I am so very anxious that I can not sleep all night.
Though I know the reward of obedience and worship,
But I have no tendency for it.
I am silent for a certain reason,
Otherwise I can convince you with my words,
Why I shouldn't cry,
For when I don't, she asks about me,
My heart is burning, though you cannot see the spot,
But O my doctor, can't you smell my heart burn?
I have reached to a certain state,
From where even I cannot find myself.
I am dying (Waiting anxiously) for my death,
I don't know where the hell my death has gone.
With what face you will go to Ka'ba, O! Ghalib,
You should be ashamed of yourself while thinking to go there.

Last updated January 14, 2019