Algeria, My Home

I live here where it happened
Revolution burst from these mountains
Rage took over the men
As the enemy took our land
The injustice of the world
Said all the unspoken words
They fought for over a century
So we can at last be free
They lost over a million soul
And could've lost a mollion more
If it means freedom
If it means honour
ALGERIA, my home, the land of men
Who have fought hand in hand
We shall rise once again

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i was born on October 14th 1990, to loving parents and a huge family who strengthened and loved me I'm now a student of English in the university, it's been my dream, so i'm trying to live it wholly, poetry- and every word that I write- empowers me and puts me right in the correct place where i belong, everywhere and nowhere...and I am nothing but someone who is in love with the language, 'A poet is, before anything else, a person who is passionately in love with language.', W. H. Auden

Last updated October 02, 2011