Look me in the eye
Admit that all your promises are a lie
Look at me
Look at what you made of me
I'm nothing
Nothing but shattered dreams and broken will
Ruined spirit and unknown future
But i cannot be
I'm engraved in history, you see
As the bravest warrior ever lived
I am the wisdom of my father
I am the firmness of my mother
I am the clever and creative genius
I am the legacy of my ancestors
I am the glory
Of the past days and the future
I am simply your hangman
I rise to your destruction
Because this time is mine, I will have no other
I will write history

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i was born on October 14th 1990, to loving parents and a huge family who strengthened and loved me I'm now a student of English in the university, it's been my dream, so i'm trying to live it wholly, poetry- and every word that I write- empowers me and puts me right in the correct place where i belong, everywhere and nowhere...and I am nothing but someone who is in love with the language, 'A poet is, before anything else, a person who is passionately in love with language.', W. H. Auden

Last updated October 01, 2011