The Irregular and/or Anti- and Ante- Regulative

Douglas Kearney

Did not but didn’t not or did not not did? Woke up
a rando hour in that ol’ double-bind of suspicions of
activity (didn’t not did, did not’d). No sich thang ez
reppytishun. Didn’t not not’d no such thing as. Only
insistence, amplification of. Rigor, please!—I’ve
been in a steady residency studying doing sans
getting done (-) in. When abroad for the
conference RE: conspiratorial unsuspicious
activity, I insisted our syncopated metrics tender
on the International Measure Exchange. To the
registration: “Our data tight AF, Boo-Boo; toot
sweet with my tote bag,” my lanyard swang Jesus
piecey as I crooked bootied to the keynote. I sat in
the not doing of doing what I did not. By&by
came Q&A, I Q’ed: “can self-disciplined inactivity
be considered inactivity as the disciplining of the
self is a praxis and—.” In come Security a rented
roughshod, all There they are, misconjugating where
I stood. I stayed to rephrase my Q. I believed this
a discourse. Security fixed to quantize my “offed”
conduct with they copse of batons. I was a present
ruckus, recused for actively inactivating me by
vice and versa. This collabo took the discipline to
the next level!

Last updated September 25, 2022