Douglas Kearney

You want no part of what you were apart from but are now a part of but were always a part for, thus apart from what you were for. If this is you is you this: staying put? And are you in pieces where that is? You stay staying put to be a part of it, and it is a part of the big It, but apart from the part you play in it and the piece of a part you play in It, is it a place to stay put in?

And if you put you in, who’s a party to you staying put in? Back then they were put in to stay being put upon by the other they, to stay staying a part of the other they’s place to stay put, they were “pieces,” “parts.” Put upon to put out for the soon-to-be big It. And if they wanted no part of it, or if they wanted to take a part of It, they were Wanted, and pieced apart into parts and pieces to be pieced back in to the It they departed.

Now, if we play the them then, is that a put on? Not that we aren’t put upon, but the part they played, is that our now? What stay a part of wanting to be apart from it, wanting no part of it or It, or a part of an alternate It where you wouldn’t stay just parts and pieces but put together together; not an it in the it, the It, or the alternate It? To be apart, one runs from.

Then, the they ran for freedomification. Now you run from It less for freedomifying than for spite, an “f. you.” The spite is from despising It and despise is from looking at. The f.u.gitive a critic—it decides to run from what it espies to despise. When you despise it and It despite what you might want from being a party to it and It, you must run or if you stay staying put, you must stay putting up with being the them and the other them; you stay playing yourself for what you want even though you think you playing some them. Which you can do. You can do it. Just stay put.

F.U.gitivity is to not want what some they are wont to want. The F.U.gitive runs from that wont into the unwanted, and will maybe be despised as wanting by the Big It and many little its. The “f. you” displays the parts of the It the theys are a party to, a part of, and apart from. Such display makes staying playing your part wanting, maybe wan, and who wants to feel like the it or It’s shit? The F.U.gitive’s critical run-from tells the them that, and some despise the running, some the looking, some the it or It, but most stay staying put. Putting out and putting in, hoping not to be put upon or put out.

But when more some come to want what the F.U.gitive’s wonts have freed, this sum of new somes gonna run. And as more run, the span from the Big It to the Alternative It seems less apart. The unwanted F.U.gitive becomes Wanted. And once Wanted the Big It espies and may play that it espouses.

Look, look: even bigger Big Houses.

Thus run.

Last updated September 25, 2022