We start off slow...

As you give me a

Reassuring smile.

Tell me that you'll always

Be there for me

Never hurting me.

We turn into newlyweds

On the longest honeymoon

Living and loving in the society

Of the young

Who will never understand

Our feelings.

They say we're getting

Too wound up

In each other.

But we laugh.

Don't they realize

That we are different?

We won't end up

Like others

Who never truly

Loved each other

Like we do.

How do they know

What my mind

And heart

Are saying?

"We'll be together forever,"

We said.

"No matter what.

We will get through everything

Because we are perfection

And no one can touch us."

And we smiled

Because we know

That nobody would.

Nobody did.

And we bloomed

For a little...

Even though no one touched us

And the Sun and Moon

Looked down on us

With envy

And the people of the world

Applauded us

We faltered.

We stumbled.

We fell.

And became our own poison.

You told me

To jeopardize everything

My morals were thrown away

And my dignity...


And I lowered myself

To you

For you

Pleasing you.

I tried to reject

Your acid.

Kept in a vile

In our hearts

Where our love took shelter

And was tainted

By your desires,

Your needs,

And my haunting guilt

Playing tug of war with my intestines

Every day.

We morphed into parasites

Living in one another

Tightening grips

On our lungs.

Breathing reduced to gasps.

We start sinking

In our web of lust,


And decay.

Every comfort

Stabs the wound

Of our soiled love.

Love that was shriveling

In the oven

While we watched it

Knowing we couldn't save it.

We try to mend anything

And everything

As best as we know how.

But the damage had been done.

Burnt to smoldering ash.

Making our charcoal hearts crumble

And blow away.

We cry,

Wailing into the heavens

That have forsaken us.

"I thought we'd be

Together forever!"

You sputter into my shoulder.

"We thought lots of things."

I said.

"And in our hearts,

We always knew:

Forever was a fantasy

In our kingdom of make believe."

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