The Thought Of You

I like hearing from you in the morning… So call me when you wake.
You can be my personal alarm clock… To make sure I’m not running late.

Lately, I can’t get up from bed… It’s so hard to begin another day.
Under the covers I can dream of you… and this haven is where I’ll stay.

I wait for your words written in hand… And your scent that comes along.
To have a piece of you just to get me through… To keep me standing strong.

Call me on the telephone, Doll… I Promise, I’ve been good today.
Not taking anything out on myself… or bleeding to feel okay.

Your voice is my daily dose of you… while you’re so many miles away.
The Doc says, “twice, both day & night”… Until you’re here to stay.

Text me when you have a chance… It’s nice to know you were thinking of me.
To say “Hello” or “I miss you”… The little things make me feel complete.

I’ll wait up tonight to hear from you…So I can soundly rest my head.
Hopefully your voice will be just enough… to once again free me from my bed.

Just someone who likes to dabble in writing lyrics and poetry. I've always considered it a hobby, and have never taken it all that seriously... I enjoy it though.

Last updated September 14, 2011