Promise Me Rain Retold

As you walked me back to my truck, I kept glancing at your face with my eyes.
Saw a smile spread across those lips, the same ones that I had the pleasure to kiss.
In the movie theater on our first date, the perfect one I've had in quite a long while.
You grabbed my waist by surprise and made our lips collide with one another again.
A small gasp escaping from my mouth as I felt you smile on to me in our moment of bliss.
Then soon after you're whispering in my ear of promising me the rain to end the night.

So I waited for the clouds to roll in and cover the starry night sky above our heads.
Wanted the rain to pour all around us, suppress every wrong the world has given me.
Since for the first time you're the only right thing to have come my way after a year.
Been alone for so long that I was forgetting how to fall in love with another person.
But thanks to you, I was learning to open my heart and learning how to smile again.

We reached the door to my truck and I was dreading of having to drive away from you.
Didn't want the night to end since I rather have spent the rest of my evening in your bed.
Wrapped in your protective arms, feeling the warmth of your breath amongst my neck.
As your lips found their way to my mouth once again, losing ourselves in another world.
A world where only love ruled the universe, erasing every trace of hate for our kind.
But I felt a drop of water hit my cheek and shortly after that, it began to rain on us both.

You promised me rain like you said you would and it made the night memorable.
Since our lips pressed again and soon you were gazing deep into my brown eyes.
Unlocking every door that was closed to the real world since I was afraid of love.
Been cheated on and left behind for another female since I wasn't enough to please.
Yet with you, I feel like it's safe to let you into my domain and see everything of me.

I felt your arms wrap around my body to pull me closer to your lean muscular physique.
Your smile lighting up my eyes from being in the shadows of what used to be life for so long.
My hand found it's way to your chest and soon our lips were connecting once again.
Told myself that I wouldn't go fast, but you've got me burning up inside with lust and desire.
Soon I find myself touching your erect cock through your jeans as the rain continued to pour.
And in that moment we lost to our own self-control since we were in my truck, moaning names.

Your hands exploring my body where no one else had touched before, sending shivers to my skin.
As the warmth of your flesh against my hand were sending my senses into overdrive from contact.
I gave myself to you that night in entirety without thinking twice of regretting it later on in the day.
For that moment, you were the love of my life who would take me to Heaven and back to Earth.
You held the key to my world in your very hands and I knew you wouldn't abuse your powers.
Even if you promised me the rain like how you promised me to never let me go from your grasp.

Being with you felt so right that I didn't want to make it end, would rather spend the night forever.
Stuck in this moment of time without having to make the clock move another inch towards the second.
Wanted to keep this feeling of happiness and love escaping from my heart locked in my shiny bottle.
But you told me to let go and keep everything in my memories since one day you'll disappear into light.
Leaving me behind in this world that wasn't meant for me, yet at the moment enjoy every minute.
Since one day I'll join you up in Heaven and together we'll reunite to continue sharing our love above.

So I close my eyes and lose myself within you tonight as the rain continues to pour down on us.
Rain tapping against the windshield as we sit there together holding each other after making love.
Fear and anxiety wanting to come out, but for once I suppress everything and enjoy this moment.
Since I know deep in my heart, we'll have more adventures to come for us to explore together.
Whether we'll end up fighting or agreeing, I'm ready to take the next step towards our future.
So I'll stick a smile on my face and follow you to the end of this road we'll travel until time ends...

Written on: 9/6 - 9/12/11

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I love to write, plain and simple. What started off as a hobby back in high school turned into a lifestyle for me. Music influences me to express how I feel whether I'm in a good mood or feeling sad, but I must forewarn. I love writing about the theme of 'Lost Love".

Last updated September 14, 2011