I sit in darkness, and the hours pass,
As all my hours pass, waiting.
My life is made of echoes, and of memories.
Since you left me I've been lost!

The days are as dark as the nights,
From dawn, when I look to the harbor,
And see your ship has still not come.
Such empty days are filled with shadows.

Without you I cannot find my way,
And the world is filled with pain.
If fate so chooses I will wait for you,
Or, if she prefers, maybe I'll die.

In winter the rain comes, and all my colors wash away.
The sky washes into the streets, and the sea,
And I can't tell one thing from another,
This sea of people look all the same to me.

Oh how I long for some other life,
How I long for the day you are near again,
For the day when skies are no longer gray,
How I long for this night to be lit by lightning!

Harley Brent Hightower's picture

I am the author of two novels, The Broken World, and Ode To Belladonna. I recently came to poetry after 30 years of not working in the medium because I was inspired to write a poem for the great Portuguese fado singer, Mariza, and I look forward to adding a collection of poems to my novels at some time in the near future.

Last updated November 13, 2015