Through a spider's web

It was a mid summer evening
And I lay below the old wood
Looking at a spider nearby spinning
It's delicate web, a silent art so good

Through the spider's web
I saw a different world
Felt the relative tide and ebb
Along the natural beauty curled

It looked like a magic window
An entrance of a start, a door
I lay enchanted and felt the wind blow
Brushing through my mind like an ancient lore

Oh! Such beauty and grace
I watches as the spider swayed
Living in it's own imaginative daze
Floating so smoothly in thin air

Beside me, I could hear the running stream
And it seemed like a rhythm to the spider
To work so perfectly, lost in it's dream
And slowly, my heart felt lighter and lighter...

Hymns of soul

I am Harshitha Sri. I am 18 years. I am doing my 2nd mbbs. I've been writing songs and poems since I was 12. I love to put my feelings into words... It gives me joy and peace. I've written poems like "Man", "One mistake", "End of time" etc..

Last updated November 04, 2013