Where are you?
Where are you now?
Lost somewhere in a far off distant land?
A place where you know
No fear,
No pain,
No sadness
You're invincible,
Untouchable to harm.

Where are you?
Where are you in this far off distant land?
Where the birds chirp silent
And the trees grow dead.
Where no hope or compassion
Reside in your head.

Your emotions are tainted
Twisted into nothing.
But your memories stay,
Untouchable to that something
They play over and over again,
Like a broken record or
Like the broken heart you cannot feel.

But I miss you, even though I don't know you
And you'll never know me.
I'll never live in the memories you see.
I was never in you past,
But in your future.
A place in which you can never be.

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my name is Heather, and one day i'm gonna live on the moon

Last updated September 20, 2011