The Triple Benison

Come to guard us, come to bless us,
Holy, mystic sisters three!
On our bowed heads pour a chrism,
Daughters of the Deity.

Crown us with your triple chaplet,
Roses red and lilies fair,
Dark green leaves entwined around them,
Fragrant with May's tender air.

We are waiting — suppliants needy —
For your beauteous three-fold gift,
That to heights of calm completeness
Our beseeching souls can lift.

How can we without your favor
Make of life what it should be?
Come then, guard us, aid and bless us,
Daughters of the Deity.

Be our souls as pure and stainless,
Blending all the perfect hues,
Sacred Faith, as is the color
We shall ever for thee choose.

Be our paths as green with verdure,
Yearning Hope, as thine must be;
And our lives as flushed with radiance,
As thine, O blessed Charity!

Last updated March 24, 2023