Haloed Identity

When my arm stretches,
let it linger as it reaches,
let it touch what it craves,
let it grasp what it loves.

Like the croon of a male dove,
the coquettish side steps of a doe,
in a courtship dance,
whose inevitability is a twosome.

A sameness out of longing,
a oneness fully consummated,
a privacy uninterrupted,
a closeness never intruded.

I wake up to whirring noise,
sometimes loud and distant,
my present and past,
all a blur transfigured in a poise.

Inner self meets reality,
as long as I expect pity,
a halo over identity,
a life on the sand dunes of integrity!

Ashore go the pebbles,
the raging sea in me stirs,
like the uprising of fiery rebels,
ceaseless and forever restless.


Tom Mukasa's picture

Tom Mukasa is a recipient of the Anne Frank Human Rights Award. He lives in San Francisco, California USA, enjoys country-walks, volunteers with social development organizations. He has a passion for working in the laboratory and with teams working towards the cure of HIV. He is the co-founder of the Global Social Justice Action Against Xenophobia (JAXp). He is a blogger but also finds time to write poem-stories using the traditional Buganda style rendered in English. Many more of his poems are on: ugandabeinsanfrancisco.blogspot.com. Enjoy reading them but do not forget to share a remark as well as following him. Thank you, you are lovely!

Last updated July 14, 2015