Speaking to the moon

I spoke to the moon, all my mind and feeling,
It listened so politely,
Stars everywhere were sharing
Our talk with no complaining.

Words were crawling over each other,
To express what I feel much better,
That night, I slept with no worry
About gossip or cheating.

And today, by opening my window
I saw its halo more charming,
And stars around
Were smiling, waiting for another talking.

Inas Essa's picture

Inas Essa, a 23 years old writer, studied journalism at the faculty of masscommunication, Cairo University., Her work has been published in Scarborough arts (Big art book 2013), every day poems, poemhunter and authorstand., She lives in Alexandria, Egypt. She adores reading and writing (poetry, short stories), loves listening to music and watching classic movies., Her ambition has no limit and cannot be briefed in words. she hope one day her work will be read by people all over the world.

Last updated September 14, 2013