The Child and the Moon

by Mariano Brull

The moon and the child play
a game that no one sees;
they see each other without looking
at each other, they speak
tongue of pure muteness

What do they say, what do they keep quiet,
who counts one, two and three,
and who, three, and two, and one
and start again after?

Who stayed in the mirror,
moon, for all to see?
There is the child happy and alone:
the moon tends to his feet

early morning snow,
dawn blue;
on both sides of the world
the one who hears and the one who sees
the silence breaks in two,
the light turns upside down,
and without hands, go the hands
to look for who knows what,
and in no one's minute
happens what never was...

The child is alone and plays
a game that no one sees.

Last updated November 21, 2022