Where, Love, Art Hid?

by Isabella Valancy Crawford

Isabella Valancy Crawford

At brightest dawn I'll rise and take
Long, ruddy lances from the sun,
And search with them each shady brake
To see where Love hath gone.
Love, Love, where liest thou?
"Thou shalt not find me so."

I'll filch the brightest star on high
And tie it to my pilgrim's staff;
And by its rays I'll onward hie
To see where Love doth laugh.
Love, Love, where dost thou lie?
"Oh, not in shadows by!"

I'll climb the rainbow's rosy bridge,
And peep the pearled clouds above;
I'll cling to Luna's diamond edge,
Or I will find thee, Love!
Love, Love, beware my net!
"Thou shalt not find me yet."

I'll take the dandelion's crown
And blow its silver plumes to rout;
And wheresoe'er they flutter down
I'll seek for Love about.
Love, shall I find thee, say?
"Not thro' a summer's day."

I'll shake the oxlip's freckled bell,
And toss thee from it like a bee;
The small white daisy in the dell,
Love, shall not shelter thee.
Love, wilt thou to me yield?
"Nay, thou art far a-field."

I'll search the hearts of pearls down deep,
A hundred fathoms, in the south;
Beneath a monarch's lashes peep,
Kiss wide the rose's mouth.
Ho! Gossip Love, I'll capture thee!
"Nay, nay, that cannot be;
Seek Love, and Love will flee!"

Last updated April 01, 2023