invisible you

We were invisible


When a scream was more fitting

Of the situation

Heard you

But you never heard me

Nor cared to try

What you said was all distorted

It rolled off your tongue like a practiced sing-a-song

Yet I was sprung,

Went straight dumb

Cause I wanted some

You'd mumble

A scroll of overheard,

Over repeated cliques

And hell at that time,

In that moment

"Make my damn day", Ha...

All I really heard was blah, blah, blah BULL$*...

You left me numb with your

"Woe is me", crappy humdrum garbage

Fake a#*% promises

Of temporary statuses

I found your voice

Inside my head early

That’s where you lived

You made attempts at my heart

But you fell short on day one, two, three, etc…

Penetrating eardrums with more of your sly excuses

Had me feeling abused

And abusive

As certain subjects were discussed

We fussed like the "couple"

We were not,

Nor will become

You knew all along,

That was not going to be done

We played "games",

On one another

Where no one, won,

What fun,

Tell me why,

We bothered...Duh...

What a waste of time

All you really did

Was supply me with material

For my once silenced rhymes...


Hell, I won't tell,

I will allow you to remain as I found you


That’s where you'll be...


I almost let you run away with me,

All of me,

Arms leg, lips, heart

You almost had me,

You filled me with so much junk

I stank of what you smelled up

You made me so sick

Felt myself dying inside

So glad I came to my senses,

And still, Somehow

I already know

, I’m going to miss us

But, I will never "get use to what I am not use to",

In honor of us,

Because this is a bust.

And I am thoroughly through with you.. 2/20/12 peace

Jamilah Muhammad

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I'm a mother, lover and a hard working woman that writes.I have been said to express in my writing what many wish to say, or were thinking..I write, mostly about relationships, and my personal experiences., I've been writing, singing and drawing forever. The three have been my release from ordinary..My ability to express myself has giving me wings and a confidence that allows me to go places that i wouldn't without my voice in poetry. I am so thank for for the gifts that have been bestowed on me and the opportunity to share ..

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