The tears
The tears of the sun rain down in my heart
As the river runs dry and the earth is parched
The heart starts an explosion from which the world ends
As the sands of time wash over the dry river beds

The tears
The tears of the moon washes over my soul
Taking with it my dignity, my belief and my hope
The heart turns away, leaving the sky a desolate grey
As the sands of time, washes away the lights of the day

The heartbreak
The heartbreak that destroys planets and worlds
As it evaporates cities leaving gaping black holes
Blind to all beauty the rainbows disappear
Along with the sky larks and the beautiful dear

The loneliness
The loneliness that lingers on
Long passed the memories, that have long since gone
Each and every piece of my heart sits alone
Blowing away with the sands of time…my soul

the heart

I was interested in poetry as a child, but it is only in the last two years that I have taken it up as a hobby, I am now 49 years old and would really appreciate your view point and help with my poems I do not know it they are any good or not, but it is something I enjoy and would like to improve with your help, thank you

Last updated November 27, 2013