To Feel To Find Love

In her eyes, her eyes
A thousand sunbeams reflect
Diamonds dancing on the surface
Of the moon
Poppies dancing in a river of love
Bird singing in the trees above

May this be fare by thy fare grace
I compare you, too
Bright summer haze

The heart shines brighter
And blinds thy eye
Soul mates till I die
I die

A thousand times
In her eyes, her heart
Her love
I die

A thousand times
I die, a thousand heartbeats
A thousand times

Love powerful love
Greater love, a flame
A fire, a heartbeat
Away -

To find love among the many
To feel, to see, to sense love
To touch -
To Love -
To love

The Heart

I was interested in poetry as a child, but it is only in the last two years that I have taken it up as a hobby, I am now 49 years old and would really appreciate your view point and help with my poems I do not know it they are any good or not, but it is something I enjoy and would like to improve with your help, thank you

Last updated November 27, 2013