With All The Elements

by Jane Olivier

Not with flowers and Hallmark cards
or quickened hot steamy gasping breath,
although these too are available;
or with crumpled damp bed sheets and
haphazardly shed clothing floor tiles -
while not inapplicable - casual.

I early morning breeze love you
wafting through each pore of life stirring
leaves, launching chaos butterflies.
Flowing river runs not through it
it is the river – not any river –
constant, wide, undammed, always free.

Gentle, continuous loving rain
drenches barren heart soil germinating
dormant feel seeds into plains of gold.
Love’s lightning bolts burn away weeds
fleet-footed worthy creations safe;
deadweight dross consumed in flames.

This grounding earth will sustain you
firmly holding roots, stature tall, branches
shade lovers’ cheeks caressing your leaves.
Whom Elementals love, live lightly -
serenaded by fairies, fed by gnomes,
elves weave their garments, gods stand guard.


Last updated October 30, 2011