The Shadow

I'm a black figure beside you.
You may see me, but not so.
In the absence of light, I may hide.
But trust me, I'm always by your side.

You can't count my tears, but I don't care—
As long as my love for you is like an air
That once existed will never gonna cease,
Attached to you for all time with no fees.

But who am I that will please you?
There is nothing in me that will interest you.
Yet I have something for you to ponder too.
I may not worth anything, but I'll be right here for you.

The Philippines

JB Nuique's picture

J.B. Nuique, aka Giudellius, is a Cebuano-speaking Negrense from the Philippines. She is an August Virgo, an artist and an ink drinker. She loves sunsets, coffee and chocolate cake. She likes rom-com films and other films with women as the main character. Other than poetry, she is writing novels about the women in her fictional country of Simetra. Her Judenne Waters, where she posted most of her works during the pandemic, is on hiatus.

Last updated September 18, 2017