Life is a challenge

I have gone through so much,
So much memories that I wished to forget
Hard days I would ask why me?
I cannot handle it
Hurt no one would understand
Pain I cannot heal
If I wish, I had a lot of excuses
I had understood it is all challenges
It wants to make me weak it hurts
It is pain to continue
It looks impossible
But when to give up I thought is the answer
I remembered

I can go higher only if I now
that every hardship makes me stronger
I cried because it hurt but I still need to continue
I do not look what happened
I look where I am going for I will fall otherwise
The past forget, your actions don’t regret
And you will see you will get to the top.

I grew up with lots of hard days
Broken stories not easy at home in school a hard story and decided that nothing will become
The will is big yet don’t let yourself become trapped the hurt should not brake your self esteem
You have to believe you can continue even after a hardship and I can be successful
More than anything you have to remember it is all a test
It wants to capture the person so as not to reach to high
It hurts but I need to continue if giving up you did plan.
just remember you can!

when life seemed impossible I just couldn't go on so i would sit down and write. Now I wish to share it with everyone that needs encouragement

Last updated October 11, 2017