A Sonatine to Arielle

It was the beginning of all my mysteries
Something that wraps around me and i carries,
The heart between depths of a brokenness
Love that last but no Happiness

Silence across the wind cast as it goes and fade
I have no choice my answer is evade
But God did’nt let the pain across my Memories
Until i found You and it was the end of all mysteries

My whole world stops when i look at You
That every beat of my Heart is a Chronosphere of View
Your smile flashes around me and makes my Completeness
The glance of Your Beauty is light that fills my Emptiness

Surrounded by the field of never ending Hope
Acquired in every chances in midst of the slope
Clinging to my word that i speak
This my love for you and more than i seek

Though someone may give a treasure that last,
Or Prince of your dream giving everything in a must
They may have a thousand reasons and acts to give
But i have one reason, Loving You till my Heart stops, I Believe

I may not be a Perfect Chemistry
Still my Heart calling out Your name beyond its broken Symmetry
In Your arms i want to Stay and i tell
this is me, giving a Sonatine to Arielle.

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I'm Jerameel Barrameda, and i'm 18 Years old., I llike to write a poem since i am 12 years Old, i Publish Different poems in many years and i like to share it to the people., I'm a Christian and i believe in Jesus Christ, and my other poems are related to Him.

Last updated February 07, 2012