Very Love-Like

There you were standing so far away
To tell you the truth as I’ve waited for this day
With a gift in my hand, I make a move towards that pretty smile
One more step closer and the sweat on my forehead began to pile
Heart thumping and so loud, that I can not hear
For your soft hands and those bright red lips, came so near
It’s time, for now is my chance to show you my worth
And let these feelings rise above the earth
But atlas, you turned towards me and took a step further
My very body grew cold for I thought that I hurt her
She walked away and I soon began to think
“Was it just fate?” and as I thought, my heart began to sink
I sat down on the dirt and on the floor; i threw that very special gift
Then suddenly a hand stuck out to give me a lift
“It's you...” as i looked and with this, a peaceful day was ahead of me
For I closed my eyes, and this love story ended perfectly
When our hearts grow dull and suddenly have the courage to spike
It’s not a dream we’re in, but a story... that is very love-like

Casey Knox

18 year old with a blazing passion for writing poetry. Written 60+ poems in the last 3 years. Plans to publish a poetry book of his own one day....but for now....he wants to let the world take a sneak peak at what his talents are like...

Last updated October 31, 2011