The Wind caught something in my eye
steal away i say
But dont come around asking why
You couldnt hold it longer a day.

If you listen,if you're silent
you can hear the Flutter

Set it free and it will spin you
hold it,it will burn you
fly along side
and it will laugh like a child

Oh but i need my little dancer
its safe where it stays
within the four walls of my soul
it dances night and day

And although i
maddened by this flutter
have nothing to say

to hold it in my eyes
and be stolen for a day

if you listen
if you're silent

The flutter will take you away.

Rashmi Sreekumar

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I think of myself as a creative person with varied interests.I am a Matchmover by profession and love to work in the field of Vfx and animation.Since childhood ive been interested in poetry.

Last updated October 30, 2011