Raven Brought Beaded Serpent

by John Trudell

Raven brought beaded serpent
And the Alaskan thunder

Reality is yet to come
Good thoughts are good way life
Wrapped in the universe
The unborn sleep in dream time
Day in the sun is on its way
Think good thoughts
Thoughts of lightened mind
Dream dreams dreaming brings
Sense rush of new found find
View or harmonies sing

Follow the sky
Into the blue
Your are part sky
Sky is part you

There are stars that bring the night
There are thoughts to bring clear sight
Thinking good makes for strong heart
Nourishment for spirit and soul

A good path a good way to give
Belief creates what we believe
Good words
Good thoughts
Good actions
A way human beings live

Raven brought beaded serpent
In the Alaskan thunder

Last updated March 27, 2023