The Beat of Winter

On a cold winter day
Bundled up in my jacket
I went out to play
and my teeth began to shake.
They chittered and chattered
I could see my breath,
It was so cold
The snow on the ground
Could hold my weight.
Frozen enough
To skate on the pond
I grabbed my blades
and went round and round.
As fast as i could go,
I put on an ice show
and moved with the flow
To the beat of winter.
Drumming in my head
I could hear the trees swaying
and the breeze swooshing
The sound of my skates swishing
As i was skating,
I could hear church bells
in the backround
and laughter all around
Birds chirping,
It was a beautiful sound.
The beat of winter
Coming up from the ground,
To as high as the sky
The winter wind pitch
Fresh in my mind,
It enriched my soul.
The grind of the chainsaw
From a distance not too far
Added a little rock and roll
With a sound like a steel guitar.
Caroling voices close to christmas
Set up the chorus
and added a calmness
That strung the sound together,
and harmony was produced
This day in winter


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My name is Jonathan Driscoll. I write because i simply love to. My favorite poets are Shel Silverstein and Robert Frost; although, i credit many other poets. Poetry is a way for me to escape reality. It is the methaporical exit I look for. I love to write about love, the world as I and others perceive it, and fun kid stuff. I hope to be among the greats someday!

Last updated February 01, 2013