The season which children love,

The season of relaxations,

The season where none but children,

Are filled with exultations.

Summer comes with boxes of ice-creams,

Cartons of cola,

Lots of sherbet,

And icy golas.

Children run and jump about,

And adults sit and wipe their brow,

It’s especially hard to cope with kids

Unless you know how.

The sun sucks all the energy

And grows stronger day by day,

Each and every ounce of glucose,

Is sucked by the sun’s rays.

People pack of to hill stations,

Or shut themselves with the AC on,

With the terrible scorching heat outside,

I think it impossible to leave home.

Kids play all day in the pools,

But who’s gonna stop them?

The adults wish they knew swimming,

But it’ll hurt their prestidge to learn the same.

But without summer and yellow all around,

Who’s going to make the mangoes ripe?

Everyone enjoys going brown,

So it’s best not to curse and jibe.

But summer is a part of the year,

And as it is season of fun
Lets just bask outside

Under the yellow sun!

It teaches us tolerence too,

Apart from being a source of joy,

Summer’s a great season for me,

Lets all get together and enjoy.

I am a student not a great and mighty POET really....but I write...and I love to write...........I also got an e-mail in another e-mail address of mine referring this site, so I decided to try my luck in it...most of the poems are pretty kiddish as I am a very amateur writer, just in 8th grade........

Last updated October 19, 2012