Empty Psychosis

As I awoke from a foggy daze,
Heart pounding with a steady beat.
Eyes motionless with a fixated gaze,
I lamented for the mortality I was unable to meet.

A fate for which I am cursed to bear,
Forever trapped in an endless nightmare set to recur.
With such tormented self loathing, that I admit is fair.
Fair and just punishment for the happiness I stole from her.

An act described in the very least as cruel,
Perhaps devilish, barbaric, savage and most of all heartless.
To have made the love of my life suffer the mistakes of a raging fool,
A fool whose sanity I confess had begun to digress.

Torment and sorrow are all that I now dream.
For the happiness I stole I must now pay in hell.
Blinded by darkness I begin to scream,
None are there to hear my yell.

For I am the maker of this,
Forever trapped in my empty psychosis...

Born november 15 1987, Madison Wisconsin, The inspiration of my poetry stems from a very stupid mistake I made a few years back. That caused me to lose someone very important to me.

Last updated October 10, 2011