Exist And Exit

by Jose B. Cabajar

Unaware I came into existence,
Naked yet clothed with innocence,
Bathed with my mother’s blood,
Old folks heard me cry and were so glad.
I came not into this unknown sphere by my own will,
Surely, it is God’s blessed will.
Childhood to adulthood in this muddled world,
My soul is bothered by that sin of old.
Fears of life threaten my hidden dreams,
Dream after dream, full of screams,
Subtly intrudes my subliminal mind,
My will to live is almost gone as sweet wine.
What kind of existence do I have?
Unique life that other creatures don’t have,
With body, soul and spirit,
Unlike a dog that howl along the filthy street,
Higher and nobler form of life,
So short, so precious a life,
A fragile life under threat,
Lives forever after my death,
Friends see me today… my visible presence,
Soon I’ll be gone… my absence.
I brought nothing into this world,
I will carry nothing out of this world,
After my vision becomes a reality,
When my life’s purpose be fulfilled in equity,
Telling the world how to be saved,
Sharing the gifts that my Master gave,
I will exit from this sin-tainted place,
An appointed time to behold my Saviour’s face,
Blood-bought and blood-washed – I’m Christ’s servant,
Exist… exit… the best of eternity comes!

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Jose Bensan Cabajar is God’s servant, a pastor of Ilagan Baptist Church for more than 23 years now. He is an artist, a poet, a webmaster and a motivational Christian writer. Jose is a UST graduate of Bachelor of Fine Arts, major in Advertising Arts and Theology Degree. Jose is happily married to Maria Nelly Guevarra Angeles from Quezon City, Metro Manila, a graduate AB Economics from the University Of Santo Tomas. After her graduation she worked in the DENR Central Office in Manila. She is also a graduate of Theology Degree. Maria Nelly is a product of La Loma Bible Institute, A ministry of a La Loma Baptist Church, a Fundamental Baptist Church located in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines. God has blessed them with two precious daughters, Rachel and Ruth Grace., Jose B. Cabajar Christian ministry has touched people from many parts of the world. His Bible-based Sermon Outlines and Christian articles are published in Christian websites and are being used as sermon resource. His words of wisdom, motivational sayings and poems have been published in many websites, blogs and other forms of publication and have inspired many people from all walks of life from different parts of the world. His involvement in website authoring brought him to other level of Christian Service., God has been using Jose's family and ministry remarkably in leading lost souls to the Living Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. His strict adherence to the principles of Truth and unquestionable faith in Christ made him what he is now known by his fellow servants. His main goal in life is to live a Christ-centered life and to display the power of God globally.

Last updated December 08, 2011