A Tale of Creation Pt 1

Part One

1. In the beginning,'ere time was born
was the infinite value of God, without form.

There was nothing of substance,
of sight, or of sound
but in silence, the will of God was bound
with one purpose;
to be himself revealed as love,
given unconditionally.

2. " ~I Am~ I Will~
I will not~  be~ alone~
for all~ eternity~"

"~Therefore~ there needs~
must also be~
another~ to love~
who will~ love me~"

"One such~ as I~
of spirit~ and mind.
Beloved~ and the sum
total~ quotient~ of life."

3. And the firstborn of all creation awoke
beside his holy father, and host,
with an explosion; by  command of a word
first uttered, and through which,
the explosion was heard
by the first one begotten;
through and for him
unfurled all creation to master,
for he would be Lord.

4. Set apart from within his majestic father,
he came to be Wisdom, Glory, and Power
of God, embodied in spirit and truth;
the first witness of all
Mighty God would produce.

5.The sudden expanse of  substance
inundated the abyssal void;
and time was created
to divide the abyss from that which would come;
and the advent of life and death was begun.

6. All matter, the Word thus began to relate
in its fashion; that all things combined,
separate by their essence.
And the elemental seeds went forth
in due order, of accord
with life's need of resources.

7. And so, the universe was formed.
Reality, bearing, and purpose,
adorned with life.

A genesis, a dawn,
when the Lord God spoke,
in the morning of


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