A Tale of Creation Pt 2 beta

Part Two (beta)

1. As the aeons, uncounted, unmeasured, transpired,
the Lord of hosts immortal vied
to bring to the fore,
true denizens of life,
with the power to choose between love, and strife.

2. As yet, only goodness unchallenged existed.
And so on, the heavenly host persisted.
But into the static paragon of heaven,
God placed one flaw, one imperfection.

3. Seeing this, the heavenly host decried;
"Look here! This is all we have been denied!"
And some stole away to this place,
in heaven, devoid of eternal grace.

4. Bitterness and jealousy
soon took root;
darkness was light; lies were truth.
This place became the opposite of heaven
perfection inverted, malice, unfettered.

5. Now God, knowing how
this would all come about,
prepared, for he had a plan to set out.
For you see, it were necessary for beings of light
to choose darkness, and distinguish wrong from right.

6. The foundation of his plan now implemented,
he set about explaining to the host, his intention.
"I will now make man and set him an home
of earth, and water, and sky for a dome,
to sustain and protect him, from the abyss
where no mortal life, or its love, could exist......

to be continued


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I am 36 yo male from the midwest. I have traveled some, here in the continental U.S. and have had the good fortune to've met many people, good and bad, and have had many opportunities for learning throughout these years. Let it be said, though, that I didn't learn half of what I should have. What I did learn was to be passionate about expression, and the conveniences of language and intelligence, and I seek a forum of like-minded people. If I cannot find it, I will create it myself. in a new site which accepts only excellent new poets. I will begin posting my work on the 'morrow., Cheers, jk

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