All my life, I've been in a hurry,
Hurrying to do the things undone,
Not the things to do but undone,
Hurrying to fetch back the wasted time.

All my life, I've been in a rush,
Rushing to learn the things unlearnt,
Never the things to learn but unlearnt,
Rushing to meet up with the long past time.

I stayed awake all night
To do my day job,
At the dawn of a new day,
I felt the night has come.

This world and I are no longer in harmony,
For that they called day,
Has become my night,
My justified sleep has become an offense.

Of been hardworking? Think not of me,
For I have so much left undone.
When I think of how few are the days of man,
I fear, I may not fulfill my talent.

If ever it becomes possible,
The most important invention ever,
Would be to turn back the hand of time,
Without time, the wisdom of men is useless.

If I was told from the start of the race:
Faith and consistency would take you there.
If only I was taught the principle of time before hand,
I would stick to one with faith till I conquer.

If I could turn back the hand of time,
I would start a year before my birth
To make way for my being.
On the first day of my stay on earth,
I would acquire wisdom as much as Solomon does.
With all that is left, I would keep myself busy,
Fulfilling my talent to my satisfaction.

At the end of the day,
I would bring my harvest
Of satisfaction before my maker.
All of man's talent is never exhausted.

Men in haste to meet up with time,
Time lost can never be regained.
What is the haste for?
To save energy of time for the future unknown.

Wisdom is the key,
Time is the opportunity,
Wisdom is a twin sister of time,
Make no mistake of leaving one behind.

Joshua Osemenho

I was born in Delta State, Nigeria. I took interest in literary work very early in life. My poems have reached finalist level in competitions. Some of my works have been published in literary magazines.

Last updated October 04, 2011