A Poem With No End

by Julie Delvaux

I read you as I read my favourite book:
Oft I return to the familiar pages;
I smooth the creases; through the shade of ages
I always recognise your youthful look.

You are the only work that never ends;
You as an author leave my critic smitten;
Your name's a secret; and the text's rewritten
So many times, and yet as new it stands.

I would that I have now learnt and known
All of your signs, and words, and twists of story, -
But memory fails me, and to your glory
I hungrily devour you till dawn.

Those readers are the happiest of all
Who find the new delight in known chapters.
And I will read this novel thereafter,
However many more there are, both new and old.

I read you as I read my favourite book.


Translated from Russian by the author

Julia Shuvalova

Julie Delvaux's picture

Julie Delvaux is an award-winning author and translator. Her previous work included publications of prose, poetry and translations of both famous writers and children’s books. After many years of living in the UK she now resides in Moscow, Russia where she teaches English and History, produces copious translations and relaxes with the knitting, surrounded by her pets. Her collection of philosophical essays on a common topic of solitude, Exercises in Loneliness, is available at online stores.

Last updated May 02, 2015