I Wish

I wish I was a bird
That my song the world might be heard
And soar up in the big blue sky
To see the wonders that caught my eye.

I wish I was a flower
That blooms beautiful easing anger
Kissed by, early morning sunlight
Adorned by thousands of amazing might.

I wish I was the sun
That shines bright across the land,
Gives joy to every living face,
and bring broken hearts into one piece.

I wish I was a tree
Growing strong the world could ever see
Sheds my loved ones beneath its ring
Like a beautiful-feathered humming bird sing.

And yet, I am what I am today
Not a bird, a flower, a sun nor a tree
Because God made me special, you see?
More than any wish I could ever be.

Julius Omila

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A person with so much love to the "Freedom of Speech"., The like to freely express the inner thought through writing., Writing poetry and articles makes me the person whom I want to be and be a part of every single word written on every piece., The love to write pushes my deepest appreciation to the things around me and put an infinite interpretation to every single circumstances of life.

Last updated May 09, 2019