A Nation's Plea

Differences should be embraced
We needn't all be the same
But not everyone feels the same
and some seek to cause you pain
Equality is what we need
For people of every nation
What a beautiful world it will be
Happy on every occasion

But we choose to hate
And we choose to discriminate
Why have our beautiful country in such a state
We need to sit back and self deprecate
Living amongst us are those
Who base their lives on race
Which is such a waste
Why focus on small matters
When there is so much daunting us
Poverty and depravity
Crimes and trying times
How can we not all live as one
When from one creator we were born

So why not put an end to the hatred
Let's put our discrimination in the past
Let us restore our nation to greatness
With a greatness that will surely last.

Kadine Dhannie

Well I'm not exactly a poet but i try to write now and again. i'm 27 years old and work doing duties or a living, where either you love it or hate it. I haven't as yet found my calling in life, but hey half the journey is trying to find it. i love romance and mystery novels and movies. I claim to be adventurous but really scared of trying new things, but i love hiking, reading, tv of course I, m a shy, quiet person so i dont have a lot of people to call friends so im mostly by myself, so sometimes i write whether makes sense or not

Last updated February 03, 2014