Delusions or Real

Camelot is destroyed, the Knights are all dead and the lady in waiting has grown old from waiting, so what you see is all there is. Delusions sometimes only give hope to heart brake for hope derfered maketh a heart sick.

Love still lives but in a choice not made by emotions, appearance or lust but in the simple choice of what I call "Because Love". It is, I love you just because, it's not what you do, how you look or even where you are at in life for all these will change. My love is not based on you but on me and as long as I stay true to myself and my GOD I will stay truly in love with you. Encourage me, respect me, trust me and push me to give more each day to our FATHER and you in return will never be without love. Who will be the receiver of this? It will be the one I choose and I will know.....

Kem Gerald Lowery's picture

I am new to writing in the area of publishing but have loved to write for years. A father and Pastor with an ex-wife. I am in love with love and looking to begin chapter two of my life. I write to express and release myself of pain with the hopes of helping another to cope with life as I do as well.

Last updated February 17, 2015