Good-bye means I will love you the more

The night has arrived and so I must say good bye.
Another day or another life we may fare so well.
The sun comes and in the west to fare sun we say good bye.
Another day is past but the beginning of a new one may be swell.

Your smile, your gleaming eyes and the way you say goodbye,
Can only make one dream of the end once again.
With each end comes a began and there is no good byes,
The presence of your absence give more joy to see you again.

In your presence I was over shadowed by your figure of my emotions.
It was there I could not see your true worth.
In your absence I measured you in truth not being aroused by emotions.
In this place I found a treasure, you, true worth.

I will jump and run in your visitation but in your empty place, I will not ever miss judge what you mean to me for it is there I love the more.

Kem Gerald Lowery's picture

I am new to writing in the area of publishing but have loved to write for years. A father and Pastor with an ex-wife. I am in love with love and looking to begin chapter two of my life. I write to express and release myself of pain with the hopes of helping another to cope with life as I do as well.

Last updated February 17, 2015