There is something wrong with me.
I fell in love so easily.
I remember when i could not love at all
now when I do, it's my only downfall.
I fail at everything,
my blood is aging.
when will all this end?
when will you have a hand or ear to lend?
I have rage upon the day
this feeling needs
to go away.
my emotions seem fake
is it my heart
that you will break??
I had dreamed,
it seemed.
you were holding me.
I dream this repeatedly
I woke up alone
mind blown.
I love you more,
than I have ever,
loved before.
you are my core.
the only you I adore.

Loren Landman's picture

I am from Jacksonville Florida, born and raised. I have been writing poetry and short stories since the age of 12. Some are sweet and some are not so sweet.

Last updated March 06, 2015